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Why Sunny Honey Bronzing Face Drops are Your Next Obsession

Why Sunny Honey Bronzing Face Drops are Your Next Obsession

Sick of your faux glow fading from your face days before the rest of your bod? Don’t throw a tan-trum, just get your hands on some tanning drops! The new bronzing BFF for self-tanning virgins and seasoned pros alike, these super-versatile facial tanning drops are the secret to a super-natural, custom-built bronze. And, guess what? Ours are about to glow your mind! 

To discover the unBalievable benefits of tanning’s latest game changer, read on. Here’s why our new Sunny Honey Bronzing Facial Drops will be your next obsession!


You’ll HYDRATE your skin as you tan

Traditional and supermarket body tanners* can leave your face looking and feeling like a leather handbag, thanks to harsh, drying ingredients. We think your skin deserves better, so unlike all the other tanning drops out there, our Bronzing Face Drops are 100% free from alcohol. And 110% non-drying. 

Instead, it's bursting with skin-loving Balinese botanicals, like coconut water, pink dragon fruit and fig. Plus, they feature a shedload of hyaluronic acid (5 different types!) to lock in that precious moisture and plump up your complexion.  

*Not Sunny Honey Bali Bronzing Foam, of course! Ours is loaded with moisturising Balinese oils and extracts to keep you skin looking healthy and hydrated!

You can build a custom glow

How glow can you go with tanning drops? It’s totally up to you! These dreamy little drops put you in the driver’s seat – so you can custom-build your perfect hue. Add 1 of our Bronzing Face Drops for a subtle, radiant glow, 2 for a deeper honey tone and 3 if you’re after a true Bali bronze!

Tanning top ups are oh-so-easy

Thanks to twice-daily cleansing and exfoliating skincare ingredients like AHAs, facial tans tend to fade MUCH faster than the rest of the body. Sure, you can get around this by fake tanning your face again with a foam or lotion. But we love a good tanning hack and it’s oh-so-much easier to simply pop some tanning drops into your favourite prods.

You’ll supercharge your skincare

There’s no need to break up with your moisturiser – just give it a sunshine-y boost! Not only will adding tan drops to your favourite moisturiser boost your colour, you’ll supercharge your skincare with an extra dose of hydrators and powerful antioxidants.

Tan drops are totally foolproof – and a newbie’s BFF!

If you’re new to the faux glow game, self-tanning your face can be pretty daunting. In fact, it’s even daunting to the pros! The face is one of the trickier areas to tan, with all its oddly shaped nooks and crannies, and it can be hard to gauge how much product to apply.

The easiest way to get it right? Try mixing a few facial tanning drops in your day or night cream (start with just 1 if you’re super nervous), then top up as needed over the next few days to gradually build your perfect colour. You’ll soon learn your golden number, and the frequency of application that’s right for you!

They’re kind to sensitive skin

We don’t think you should ever have to sacrifice your skin’s health for a gorgeous glow. That’s why our Bronzing Facial Drops are formulated with 100% natural DHA, packed with skin-plumping hydrators, and dermatologist approved. So, they’re gentle enough for sensitive skin.

They won’t make you break out

Fake tanning can be a bit of zit show if you’re acne-prone, so it’s important to pick the right formula. Our tan drops are completely non-comedogenic, meaning they won’t clog your pores. With a light, water-based formula, they can easily be added to your favourite oil-free or anti-acne moisturiser, so you don’t need to disrupt your regular skincare routine and risk breaking out.


VIP Customer Rose, 3 drops. (Left: Before, Right: After)

Tanning drops are the perfect way to prolong your tan

Addicted to our Sunny Honey Bali Bronzing Foam? You can totally still use it on your face. In fact, we encourage it! But as your face starts to fade faster than your body, our tanning drops are the ideal way to prolong your glow and keep your face and body self-tan in sync.

No mess, no fuss, (almost) no hands

Our tanning drops are easy and mess-free to use. And you only need one hand! Simply tip the tube upside down and tap the bottom gently to release a drop, or a few drops, into your fave moisturiser. Mix together, apply, then rinse hands thoroughly.

They’re your (safe) daily dose of sunshine

There’s nothing like a bit of a glow to make you feel confident – but that doesn’t mean you should risk sun damage! Safe for daily use, our Bronzing Facial Drops will have you looking fresh-back-from-holidays relaxed and radiant, all ‘year round without having to sit under the sun’s rays.


They’re pink!

We know it shouldn’t really matter, but – admit it – it does!

You can even use them on your body!

Although designed for the face, there’s no rule to say you can’t use tan drops on your bod as well. Try adding to your favourite body lotion whenever you need a tanning top up. Just remember you’ll need a few more drops to do the job to get you glowing from head-to-toe!



Check out more tan tips & tricks here!


Written By: Pip Jarvis

Edited By: Vidhya 


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27 Sep, 2020

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