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‘Swipe Right’: 7 Heatless Date Night Looks to Try

‘Swipe Right’: 7 Heatless Date Night Looks to Try

With Valentine’s Day approaching, we’re in the mood for love. And, whether you’re coupled up, single and ready to mingle, or happy hanging with your Galentines, February’s the perfect time to play around with your beauty look. Starting with a cute new hairstyle to go with your cute new outfit.

Worried your frazzled locks won’t stand up to another session on the heated tools? Don’t stress, babe – looking good doesn’t have to come at the cost of your strands. Our round-up of 100% heatless date night looks will have you looking HOT – while ensuring your hair stays comfortably cool. Read on.

1. Velcro Roller Bouncy ‘Blow Out’

Date night hair calls for va-va-voom volume – and Velcro rollers will give you the root lift you’ve dreamed of. Plus the type of smooth, sexy, shampoo commercial locks you’ll love swishing about.


Leave-in conditioner


Get the look: A dreamy date night look can be achieved with Velcro rollers on damp or dry hair, with or without a hairdryer. And you’ll get a different result depending on your hair’s natural texture, layering, the size of roller you use and your desired look – from a big ‘90s blow-out effect to bouncy curls and soft waves. 

As a rule, big rollers = big volume and small rollers = soft curls. You’ll want to leave rollers in for at least 15 minutes on dry locks, and much longer if air-drying. Not sure how to position your rollers and use over-direction for maximum volume? There are nearly 150 million views for #velcrorollers content on TikTok – so find the one that works best for you. 

The products: This look is all about that volume, so we recommend starting with a volumising spray or mousse on your roots. One of the biggest bugbears with Velcro rollers is that they can get caught in your strands (been there!). So make sure you comb through a leave-in conditioner before popping in your rollers. Ours hydrates and detangles like a dream while fighting frizz and improving manageability.

A ponytail’s a date night no-brainer – but why not give yours a TikTok-approved twist? Fun, flirty and easy to achieve, the Y2K bubble pony is a great option for long hair.


Daily essentials bundle


Get the look: Create a little pile of hair ties and pull your strands back into a high pony and secure. Wrap another hair tie around your hair about 5 cm down your pony. Tease the section between the ties to create a ‘bubble’. Continue this process down your strands, leaving some length out at the bottom.  

Natural curls? Consider rocking a head full of baby bubble braids like gorgeous TikToker @jasmeanbrown

The products: All you need to finish off the look is a quick spritz of hairspray or leave-in conditioner to soften and smooth frizz. If you pick hairspray, remember to give your have a good wash with a hydrating shampoo and conditioner to prevent product buildup and keep your locks moisturised!

Looking for something super easy for a lowkey ice cream or mini golf date? This cute ‘do strikes exactly the right note. Plus, it’ll keep those pesky strands out of your peppermint choc chip.


@ayseacun_ Obsessed with this hairstyle 😍✨ #everydayhair #schoolhairstyles #hairideas #hairinspo ♬ Originalton - 🤍


Get the look: Use a fine-tooth or tail comb to create a precision part (be careful if using the pointy end!). Take two small sections at the front of your hairline and secure them with snag-free rubber bands. Continue to add small sections in a criss-cross pattern towards your crown, then finish with a cute braid on each side. 

The products: To make sectioning your hair easy, a leave-in conditioner and detangling brush are a must. This detangling duo will get rid of any knots and ensure your locks look healthy, hydrated and smooth.

Y2K beauty trends are still coming in hot in 2023, and this cute ‘n’ quirky look is sure to get your SO all tied up in knots. It’s also super easy to achieve – so long as you have dextrous fingers and a decent supply of bobby bins.


@annabellehooperrr love recreating 90s looks! imagine this with a silk slip drsss 🥹 #hairtok #hairtutorial #hairstyleinspo #datenighthair #90shair #hairtipsandtricks #y2khairstyle ♬ the joke is on you. icarly - Kate


Get the look: Brush your strands into a smooth, high pony and secure with a hair tie. Taking small sections of hair, twist lengthways then wrap each section into a loopy mini bun. Secure each bun with bobby pins, leaving the ends out to create the cool girl spikes.

The products: Give your finished hairdo a spritz with hairspray to keep it smooth and flyaway-free all night. Dodgy-looking ends? Smooth frizz and split ends with a shine-enhancing hair serum like our Miracle Hair Elixir

Short hair? Here’s another twist (get it) on the look.

Instead of your go-to messy top knot, try a slightly elevated, less messy bun next date night. It’s the perfect way to show off an elegant neck and déc. While not looking like you’ve spent all day prepping in front of the bathroom mirror.


miracle hair elixir


Get the look: Depending on the length and thickness of your hair, there are a few different wrapping and twisting techniques. If you’re blessed with ultra-thick tresses check out @mariaaiellohair. Or take your cue from @vickynatashcha with a super-sexy low-slung style.

The products: The secret to this date night hair look is making sure there’s ZERO frizz, flyaways, curves or kinks. To prevent them from springing up, run a few drops of our Miracle Hair Elixir through your strands before you begin styling and after to keep any stray flyaways at bay.

Regular bun a bit too ‘prom queen’ for you? Try this super-sleek version for edgier vibes.

It might not be a style to attempt at the last minute, but a classic (but time consuming) twist out looks incredible on natural hair. It’s worth trying if your date isn’t scheduled until tomorrow – and they’re worth investing a little extra effort.


@_harrisjanae_ Some of the many tips to achieve a defined twistout. Click link in bio for the tutorial on this look🥰 subscribe to my YouTube for more! #naturalhair ♬ original sound - natural hair care & more


Get the look: You’ll want to twist on damp (but not drenched) hair and sleep in a bonnet overnight until your hair is dry. Everyone does their twist out slightly differently, but here’s a super-detailed heat-free tutorial that will help you nail the style if you’re a newbie.

The products: Moisture is essential, so leave-in conditioners, curl creams and hair oils are your BFFs. It also a good idea to start off right with a nourishing hair mask. And make sure strands are fully detangled before getting started.

Torn between your love of an updo and your desire to let your hair down? A half-up, half-down style is the perfect compromise – and super cute to boot.


sweet repair hair mask

Get the look: This one’s pretty self-explanatory! You can simply pull half your hair back and secure it with a scrunchie, clips or bougie bow. Or try this easy but impressive version next date night.


Products: With a simple style like this, there’s no hiding – so if you’re dealing with damage from heat styling, colouring, or general rough treatment, it’s time to get masking!

While most hair masks will nourish and deep-condition, our ceramide-enriched Sweet Repair Mask is clinically proven to strengthen strands and reduce damage. It also supercharges hydration with hyaluronic acid for softer, shinier, healthier-looking locks.

Feeling inspired? With our Sweet Repair Hair Mask, Leave-In Conditioner and Detangling Brush in a cute lil bag, our Limited Edition Date Night Kit contains everything you need for lovable locks.  


Written By: Pip Jarvis 

Edited by: Iris


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03 Feb, 2023

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