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5 Benefits of a Body Mask For A Smooth and Sculpted Body

In case you haven’t heard (where have you been hiding?), skincare really shouldn’t stop at your neck. Covered up with clothes, sweating it out in spin class and exposed to scalding hot showers, the skin on your body takes a thrashing – and a body masque is the perfect way to show it some TLC! 

Drawing out the bad stuff while revitalising – and plumping – with the good, a body mask is the bodycare product you never knew you needed, but you totally do. Want more convincing before you strip down and mask up? Here are 5 reasons a body mask is your glow-to for a smooth and sculpted Bali bod!


1. A body mask banishes breakouts and reduces redness

Bacne, buttne, chestne… Body breakouts are a bummer, and they happen to the best of us at the worst of times. Drawing out excess oils, dirt and impurities, a detoxifying clay-based body mask is an easy way to prevent the blockages that lead to blackheads, pimples and other pesky bumps. Used twice weekly, it can not only resolve current blemishes, but also help prevent new breakouts from occurring. 

Worried about red marks just as much as spots? With volcanic clay to eradicate acne eruptions, our Glow Figure Bounce Body Masque also contains mango and natural enzymes in a green base to reduce redness and even out your skin tone. What more could you (m)ask for? 

2. It smooths & firms skin

While we’re proud of our bodies, wobbly bits and all, we’re not above asking Mother Nature to help us ditch those not-so-cute dimples! Deep cleansing skin and drawing out impurities, a clay body mask is her best bump-busting remedy – helping to smooth and tighten skin for a sleek, sculpted silhouette. 

Add in hydrating and circulation-boosting ingredients like coconut oil and green coffee extract (found in our Bounce Body Masque), and skin appears visibly firmer and smoother – from top to toe.  


3. Body masking’s your glow-to for soft, silky, radiant skin

While you probably reach for the body scrub when your skin’s feeling rough, dry or generally dull, a body mask can also work wonders. Just make sure you choose one that doesn’t just draw out the bad stuff, but also replenishes skin with natural enzymes, vitamins and antioxidants. 

Our tip? Look for ingredients like volcanic clay – which detoxifies skin while also boosting elasticity, natural oils to moisturise and soften, and caffeine to stimulate circulation for a fresh and radiant glow.

4. The perfect perk-me-up for bouncy skin

Want a smooth, bouncy booty and perky pair of coconuts? Time to get your mask on! A firming body mask won’t just prevent breakouts and tackle orange peel skin, it will also help your backside appear plumper, perkier and more shapely – both in and out of clothes ☺ 

In more unBalievably good news, you can also use a body mask to tone and smooth your thighs. Or try applying a generous layer under your boobs for a subtle, scalpel-free “lift”!

“I applied the product to my bum, tummy, my thighs and the back of my legs because that is where my skin gets dry and red. My skin already feels more hydrated and super smooth!” — @kicgirlbri

5. It camouflages stretch-marks and blurs imperfections

To improve the appearance of stretch marks, reach for a body mask enriched with coconut oil. Packed with essential fatty acids, coconut oil helps to hydrate and nourish skin, and improve the appearance of stretch marks, while keeping skin gorgeously soft and supple. 

For even more imperfection-blurring benefits, try our Bounce Body Masque. Formulated with antioxidant-rich mango and natural enzymes, it helps to balance out uneven skin tones and camouflage scars, stretch-marks and other skin-conveniences. 


How and when to use a body mask

Once or twice weekly, apply your Bounce Body Masque to clean, dry skin – ideally after exfoliating with our Bali Buffing Sugar (this allows better absorption). Grab a generous amount of the clay mask with our super-cute Shell Scoop, and apply to your upper arms, thighs, tummy, back, butt, chest or under-boob – anywhere you want to reduce breakouts, boost your glow, and smooth, firm, tone and lift! 

Breathe in the luscious tropical scent of dragonfruit and lychee, and let the mask soak in for 10 blissful minutes. Rinse off with lukewarm water, then gently towel skin dry before slathering on moisturiser and admiring your newly contoured curves and post-holiday glow.


Check out more body guides & tips here!


Written By: Pip Jarvis

Edited By: Vidhya 


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22 Dec, 2020

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