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6 Easy Date Night Hair Looks You Need To Try

6 Easy Date Night Hair Looks You Need To Try
Date night ‘do as tired as a tiger pic on Tinder? Don’t worry, honey, we’re here to help you spice things up! From the ultimate glamazon waves to easy-peasy updos and super-cute ways with accessories, we’ve rounded up 6 of the most drop-dead-gorgeous date night hair looks to get you in the mood. So, whether you’re going on a first date or 51st date, read on. We guarantee there’s a ‘do here to suit you – no matter your hair type!

1. Twisted Mini Buns  


Super feminine and sexy, a bare neck makes the ultimate date night accessory. But instead of sticking with that boring ballerina bun you rock Monday through Friday, why not upgrade your up-do to this sweetly twisted style?

How to get the look

To prevent flyaways, start by running a few drops of hair oil (like our Miracle Hair Elixir) through your strands. Next, divide your hair into three equal sections, as if you’re going to braid it. Twist each section into a mini bun at the nape of your neck and secure with bobby pins, working from the outside in. Pin up any stray hairs and pin your fringe back. Or leave it loose for a soft, undone vibe. 

Date night styling tip

What’s cuter than mini buns? Ultra-feminine PINK mini buns! Rosy and red hues are having a moment, so consider dipping your toe in the trend with a temporary rinse. 

2. Curly Half-Up Half-Down ‘Do  

Stuck in a curly hair styling rut? This half-up half-down ‘do will save you. Super easy to achieve and all kinds of gorgeous, our girl Jaleesa’s ‘do has MAJOR date night appeal.

How to get the look

Start with wet locks then, working from the ear, pull the top section of your hair into a high ponytail. The less hair you pull up, the more volume you’ll achieve on the sides, so play around until you’re happy with the result. Secure your pony with a narrow silk scrunchie, then diffuse-dry hair for defined, bouncy curls. Finish by scrunching in 3-4 generous drops of hair oil for hydration and shine, and you’re good to go!

Date night styling tip

To make sure your curls are in tip-top condition, prep your hair the day before by popping on a hydrating, conditioning hair masque for at least 10 mins. Or, ideally, leave it on overnight.

3. All Wrapped Up

You are a total GIFT, so make sure he knows it by topping your date night pony or half-up style with a luxe velvet bow. Go sweet and skinny for a subtle nod to the French-inspired trend, or make a serious style statement with a bow as big as your personality.

How to get the look

Bows look great paired with a sleek-but-bouncy blow-dry, or loose, tousled waves. Whatever your preference, make sure you prep your hair properly before heat styling. Protecting hair from heat up to 220°c, our Miracle Hair Elixir ensures your hair is happy, healthy, glossy and frizz-free.

Date night styling tip

Want a bow that goes the distance without drooping before dessert? Instead of a slippery DIY ribbon, opt for a goof-proof clip-in bow.

4. Glam Side-Parted Waves 

While we’re always here for messy beach waves, sometimes date night calls for a more sophisticated take on texture. Case in point: these ultra-glam and glossy waves worn with a deep side part. Could they BE any more gorgeous?

How to get the look

Using a comb, create a deep side part in line with your eyebrow arch. Clip back the top section of your hair. Starting on the side with less hair (this depends which side your part is on), take a section of hair the same width as your straightener. Clamp hair at the roots and twist your wrist towards your face then glide the straightener through your strands. Twist your curl around your finger and clip it back to set while you style the remainder of your waves. 

Work upwards and finish with the front section, this time turning your straightener away from your face. Spray hair with a light hairspray, unclip curls from the bottom, then run your fingers or a brush gently through your locks to relax those curls into gorgeous waves. 

Date night styling tip

To elevate your date night ‘do, tuck your hair snugly behind your ear on the parted side then accessorise your screen siren waves with a bit of hair bling.

5. Hide-All-Sins Hair Scarf

Didn’t get time to wash your hair before a last-minute date? Don’t stress. A printed silk headscarf not only hides oily roots, it’s super cute to boot. A great camouflaging tool for longer hair styles, scarves are also an adorable accessory for a tousled bob or ultra-short pixie.

How to get the look

Choose your favourite scarf, fold to your desired width then wrap, tie and go – making sure you use a few bobby pins to secure it in place. Or, instead of wearing your scarf headband-style, try weaving the fabric through a chunky braid or bun for an ultra-romantic, on-trend twist. You’re welcome.

Date night styling tip

If dirty roots are the only reason you’re reaching for a silk scarf, we have the solution. With volcanic ash and Balinese botanicals, our Deep Clean Scalp Scrub sends dirt, grease and product build-up packing, while hydrating strands and soothing the scalp.

6. Sleek & Centre-Parted

While tousled tresses are undoubtedly sexy, there’s no reason to overlook the allure of ultra-shiny, poker-straight styles. Polished to perfection, this seriously sleek angled bob is giving us all the feels – especially paired with the headband of our dreams. If we were an emoji right now? We’d be making big fat love-heart eyes!

How to get the look

The secret to this date night hair look is making sure there’s ZERO frizz, flyaways, curves or kinks. Prep wet hair with a nourishing and protective hair serum and blow dry straight – finishing off the style with your trusted hair iron. Add a statement headband, and you’re ready to hit the bar.

Date night styling tip

Been going steady with your side part since high school? Why not be brave and have a one-night stand with a centre part? You never know – it might be the start of a lifelong love affair!


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Written by: Pip Jarvis

Edited By: Vidhya


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09 Feb, 2021

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