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6 Beauty Trends You’ll See EVERYWHERE in 2021

6 Beauty Trends You’ll See EVERYWHERE in 2021

With salons closed in 2020, we had no choice but to take beauty matters into our own hands, DIYing our waxing, facials and even our haircuts. It definitely had its challenges (hello uneven bangs!), but there was also a surprising silver lining. As well as discovering that a pared-back beauty routine can achieve amazing results, we learnt that, in stressful times, beauty really is the sweetest form of self-care. 

But now we’ve entered a (hopefully!) shiny new year, so what can we expect from the beauty world? From the skinimalism movement to microbiome-balancing ingredients and anti-blue light tech, these are the 6 key 2021 beauty trends to have on your radar.  

1. Skinimalism

Turns out Covid hasn’t just killed our social lives, it’s also squashed our desire to slap on heavy makeup and follow complicated beauty routines. Thankfully, the style makers are majorly on board and the ‘no-makeup’ makeup look is sticking around.

Clear, glowing, girl-next-door skin is what we’re going for, with the ‘skinimalism’ trend championing simple skincare routines that let your natural beauty – and freckles – shine through. So, say ‘bye to baking and cake-like foundation, and embrace products that give you a gorgeous lit-from-within glow.

One of the easiest ways to tap into this trend? Adding tan drops to your skincare for (faux)sun-kissed radiance and a hydrated complexion. (Psst. Keep your eyes peeled for a new shade coming soon to the C&E range!)

2. Anti-pollution skincare  

We all know the sun’s super ageing, but it turns out pesky pollution ain’t so great either. Cigarette smoke, exhaust fumes and other forms of muck can penetrate our pores and lead to breakouts, hyperpigmentation and even collagen breakdown. 

What’s more, experts believe the light from our beloved digital devices – aka blue light pollution – is giving us early-onset wrinkles by disrupting the circadian rhythm of our skin cells.

Scary? Yes. But you can rest assured your favourite skincare formulators are all over it! Instead of going off grid or tossing your smart phone in 2021, make a beeline for the slew of antioxidant-packed, anti-pollution and anti-blue light skincare prods landing on a shelf near you.

3. A sustainable shift

You’ve asked and the beauty industry has answered. More and more, beauty companies are embracing sustainable sourcing of ingredients, eco-friendly practices and minimal-waste packaging – and 2021 will see even more up the ante. Brands such as Fenty Skin, Diptyque and Humanrace are among those now offering product refills, while countless others are committed to a move to 100 percent recyclable packaging in the not-so-distant future.


4. Probiotic beauty 

What’s good for your gut is good for your face, and we predict you’ll be adding pro, pre and postbiotics to your skincare routine as well as your grocery shop this year. Helping to promote a balanced microbiome – the community of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ bacteria that live on the skin – these live microorganisms are germy gold, prized for their ability to boost the skin barrier. 

By promoting a healthy bacterial balance, probiotics help to prevent unwanted water loss and reduce the damage caused by environmental aggressors. Helping to reduce dryness, decrease sensitivity and prevent breakouts, they can also assist with inflammatory skin conditions like eczema. And guess what? You might see this formulation in one of our MAJOR launches later this year!

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5. Scalp care

While we’ve all been taking care of our strands for years, the haircare world’s attention is now firmly focused on our oft-neglected scalps. And, in our opinion, it’s long overdue! Promoting healthy hair growth, removing product build up and dead skin cells, soothing the skin, relieving itching and helping prevent flakes, an invigorating deep clean scalp scrub is haircare’s newest heavy hitter. 

Use once or twice a week before shampooing and repeat after us, “Good hair starts at the strands, but GREAT hair starts at the scalp!”

6. Overnight skin-and-haircare

Sleeping beauties are in for a treat in 2021, as products that do the heavy lifting while you sleep are another key trend. Want gorgeous locks upon waking? Keep hair hydrated, smooth and split-end free by switching to a satiny pillowcase that will eliminate any nocturnal tugging. Not only will this allow your hair to glide smoothly (and extend your blow dry!), it’ll prevent those annoying sleep creases regular cotton pillowcases create. 

To supercharge skin repair overnight and awake looking fresh-faced, smooth-skinned and glowing, sleep-in masks are also on our hit list.


Bonus Trend: At-home beauty gadgets

More time at home (and more time for online shopping!) has seen an upsurge in the sale of both low-fi and high-tech facial gadgets. And we can’t see this stopping anytime soon. From traditional gua sha massage tools to tackle stagnant chi (energy), to sculpting, firming face rollers and luxe microcurrent facial trainers, there’s an option out there to suit every budget.  


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Written by: Pip Jarvis

Edited By: Vidhya


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20 Feb, 2021

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